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The Self-Serve Solution that never sleeps, User Friendly from the First Usage'.

In a world of ATMs, today's consumers are comfortably familiar with automated service technologies. TSK- kiosks keep things easy right from the start with friendly greeters, simple on-screen instructions and quick confirmations. Customers enjoy a positive bill-payment experience and peace of mind with real-time biller notification. It's fast and easy with virtually no learning curve. Screens and voice instruction easily toggle between English,Tamil other Indian languages.

Unlike other over-the-counter payment networks, TSK- kiosks enable continual, anytime service. When positioned in an accessible location similar to ATM sites, they provide 24x7 customer access for the ultimate in self-serve convenience.

Our touch screen kiosks provide an ideal way to deliver building directory information to guests or employees. Unlike a traditional static directory, fully customizable kiosk-based interactive directory is searchable, easily updatable and scalable. Moreover,
interactive directories on touch screen kiosks could:

  • Issue photo visitor passes to guests
  • Provide directions
  • Give access to floor plans
  • Links to companies' websites
  • Check availability and presence of particular employee
  • Provide access to online policies & practices
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Our ITS – Kiosk for e-governance

e-Governance initiatives generally aim to facilitate the flow of information between government and the public. However, as many people still lack access to PCs or the Internet this relegates them to the wrong side of the digital divide. Use of touch screen kiosks in Government to deliver information to the public is one way in which central and local governments can bridge this divide. E-Government kiosks:

  • Provide controlled access to e-Government portals/websites
  • Deliver cost savings by allowing users to perform transactions on-line
  • Increase access to information about local government programs & services
  • Publicise new government websites or initiatives
  • Provide local tourist information
  • Act as a public, physical embodiment of government technology expenditures.
  • Help bridging the digital divide
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Our ITS-Kiosk for Retail

Touch Screen kiosks in retail outlets provide a number of ways to enhance customer experience and facilitate the sales process. Many retailers find value in utilizing touch screen kiosks as part of a "clicks and mortar" strategy. Thus, using touch screen kiosks to provide shoppers in their stores with access to a wider product selection on their websites. Specifically, kiosks can be used in retail environments to:

  • Promote and provide access to store website
  • Provide access to far more products than physical store can stock
  • Enable online transactions through store website
  • Gathering feedback and suggestions
  • Enroll customers in loyalty programs
  • Act as a store/merchandise directory
  • Allow access to gift registries
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Our Intranet Its-Kiosk Model

Increasingly, human resource departments are delivering information via corporate intranets. Touch Screen information kiosks in corporate environment help extend these efforts and bridge the digital divide for employees who lack computer access, such as those in manufacturing or production environments. When placed in high-traffic areas like cafeterias, touch screen kiosks allow HR departments to:

  • Provide access to a company's Intranet
  • Publicise corporate events & activities
  • Provide access to online policies & practices
  • Allow employees to easily change their personal information
  • Highlight internal job postings/openings
  • Improve overall internal customer service
  • Ensure that no employees get left behind
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Our ITS-Kiosk model for banking application

Over the past few years, many banks and other financial institutions have deployed touch screen kiosks in their lobbies and branches. Touch Screen kiosks in banking and finance environment can handle some of the customers' transaction needs, and provide customers with information about bank products & services, especially e-banking options. In such a setting, touch screen kiosks enable banks to:

  • Promote a bank's website.
  • Provide demonstrations of electronic banking.
  • Answer frequently-asked customer questions.
  • Highlight banking products, services, interest & loan rates, etc.
  • Offer self-service facility for selected operations.
  • Capitalize on existing systems & increase effective technology deployment.
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Wall Mount kiosk

Our wall mount units are the right choice for application like ticket vending and line busting. The units mount to a wall using the supplied hardware, and the reinforced access door and hinges the unit to swing away from the wall for easy service.

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Our ITS-kiosk for payment Transaction solutions

The ITS-KIOSK includes 17" LCD displays in a beautiful 16 gauge steel enclosure with enough room to accommodate receipt printers, cash and coin acceptors, and some of the larger transactional peripherals common in kiosks. The subtle angles and arches of ITS-KIOSK give the roomy unit the appearance of a much smaller footprint, and provide room for easy, unobtrusive maintenance. Designed to be the perfect transactional kiosk, the KIOSK is ideal for free standing transactional applications like bill payment and distribution of printed receipts in settings where you can benefit from marketing while a user is completing a transaction.

With our ITS-payment transaction KIOSK options, you can customize a self-service remittance location or complete kiosk network to meet your unique needs. Our experts work with you to identify locations and equipment options that are right for you.

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